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Welcoming women from around the world, offering holistic wellness & spiritual services, online and in-person.

Helping women to balance and restore their healthiest life, mind, body & soul. 

Get to know Peaceful Soul

Thank you for visiting Peaceful Soul, this is somewhere you can feel calm, ponder for a while and decide what is truly important to you right now in this moment.  


Take a pause....take a breath....let your mind rest, and now listen to your body and soul.  

This is a place of safety, where you can feel peaceful and at ease.  This is somewhere you can lighten the load of what might be troubling you, it's a place of self-discovery and a place for renewal.  Whether you know what you're looking for or you're after a bit of guidance, I can help you find your way.

You're here for a reason

I offer therapies that will nourish and rejuvenate the body, feed and energise your soul and reignite your awareness of your life's true path.  I act as the facilitator/therapist to enable your body and soul to implement what you need at that time by encouraging your energies to flow and your mind to explore.  I help you connect with your inner truth and to release emotions or struggles that may be holding you back.  


I believe you arrived here at this time for a reason, therefore I encourage you to continue to trust your intuition and feel guided to the therapy that speaks to you.  

nourishment for mind, body & soul


release, reset, renew

Depending on what therapy you decide is right for you, I will help you to set intentions that fulfil your needs.  Everyone has different requirements to help heal their body and soul, so it's important to take time in finding out what you personally need.

Throughout your therapy it's essential that you feel comfortable enough to open your mind and relax your body as this aids the release of blockages and tensions.  Once we find some release then we can reset in whatever unique way your body, spirit or emotions require.


The amount of visits required to find exactly what you need from therapy completely depends on the person. What is most important is that you listen to yourself, physically and intuitively to know when you have reached the point of 'renew' (feeling better, clear of symptoms and lighter in the mind etc.).

The ethos I have for any therapy I give is that every person and session is unique. I take the time to ensure you receive the best service possible.

For more information visit the 'Therapies' page or click the 'Contact' button to ask a question/book an appointment.




Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

Times for therapies requested at booking

Times for events shown individually

Please head over to our Contact & Enquiries page to start your journey.


Reach out

Please feel free to email or direct message on our social media for enquiries/ bookings.

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