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MY JOURNEY....and why I find myself here


It's been a very winding road for me to get to reach this destination but I'm finally here, somewhere that feels home.


I've always felt a bit different, feeling very in-tune with people, seeing spirits and feeling like as humans we are not alone.

Over the years I've experienced very lucid dreams and had "visits" from spirit with messages to give to others along the way.  I have danced with different spiritual modalities trying to find the one that fits and discovered it's not that clear cut.  The modalities find us and at a time when is just right.  

Dealing with the many twists and turns that life provides I've finally found space to create a business to help people from a holistic/spiritual angle.  Years leading up to this path I worked in the mental health sector as a mentor and wellbeing coach, guiding people and holding space for them to speak and feel their emotions and thoughts.  I believe it's now time for me to explore further into the body and soul from a spiritual perspective to discover how this can help unlock blocked emotions, traumas, or help with physical ailments.  Training in the latest therapies I have now experienced ways to implement recovery, increase self-awareness, evoke relief and reawaken the abundance of what each individual is capable of.  


As every person is unique it means every session is different and it's hugely fulfilling to see people begin to truly understand who they are and what their needs are, I love seeing the healing that occurs infront of my eyes when there is a shift in understanding and movement in the therapy.  




"Lisa has helped me so much, the methods we’ve put in place enable me to be much calmer so my outlook is more positive.  I trust her and feel at ease during her sessions.
I've decided that finally I'm going to make real time for getting myself well and I plan to book in again next month"


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